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Social Media Services

because “everybody” is telling you it’s time to up your game…

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Full service growth, design & engagement

Social Media Account Management

Everyone has been telling you that you need to up your social media game, and you see others in your industry doing it so well. But the truth is, you just don’t have the time. That’s where we come in.

My account managers are experts at learning who you are, who you’re trying to reach, and how you’d typically talk to them. We understand how to appeal to your future customers, and how to reach them.

With Genuine Content at the helm, you can sit back, focus on your business, and watch your following grow, your engagement increase, and your brand come to life on social media.

  • Content Creation: my team works with you to create content that illuminates your brand and comes from your heart. Imagine your passion shining through your social media posts, without having to lift a finger! We create graphics, write captions, and suggest photos and videos you could send us for your posts.

  • Audience Engagement: We know all of the tricks to making account engagement “work for you”. My methods are built on a keen understanding of social algorithms, and my team knows how to get your content in front of your future customers.

  • Growth Hacking: “Hacking” is a harsh word, in our opinion, because the word itself sounds like its betraying the authenticity we stand behind. However, we have developed solid growth strategies, know technical tricks, and we watch our client’s followings & engagement ratios flourish under our management. So if the word “hacking” fits, we’re happy to wear it.

  • Current Account Audit: Where are you showing up on social media now, and are those platforms working for you? Our assessment is the first step in us working together, and we can help you narrow and strengthen your focus.





Social Media Consulting

Everyone has been telling you that you need to up your social media game, and you know you have it in you... But getting it started is overwhelming; and the truth is, you just don’t have the time. That’s where we come in.

For one month, you’ll work with me one-on-one to develop a social media strategy that complements your company, your brand, and your personality. We will figure out which platforms are best for you, and how you can make use of them long term.

When all is said and done, you’ll be set up for success:

  • Social Media Strategy: at the end of our month together, you’ll have a fantastic view of who you’re trying to reach on social media, and how to reach them in a way that enhances your business (instead of just taking you away from it all the time).

  • Schedule: The strategy will include a roadmap of what to post when. You can say goodbye to those panic-riddled mornings when you don’t know what to post!

  • Account Setup: I will set up any new accounts or give your existing ones a facelift.

  • Banner Design: You’ll receive custom designs for your platforms, if needed.

  • Templates: You’ll receive templates that will make it easy to create gorgeous, brand-consistent content! Templates are delivered in Canva, and I’ll show you how to make all of the adjustments you’ll need.

  • Growth-Hacking: I’ll share my secret growth tips with you! We’re talking about REAL followers here — real people who will engage with your posts!

  • Coaching: I’ll teach you (or someone on your team) what you need to know to keep your social media plan working for you long-term. We’ll talk about the algorithm, and how to play with it instead of fighting it all the time. Trust me, the algorithm CAN be your friend.





Social Media Coaching

You see other people killing it on social media, but you seem to be engaging with your own circle of friends, current clients, Mom, and that weird guy that always posts something a little off center. I’m here to tell you that you can make your social media accounts work for you! You can grow your following and engagement, you just need a little technique. And that’s where I come in…

My monthly coaching program is designed to help you learn my “tips & tricks” for bringing your brand into your social media and how to connect with your future customers. We’ll meet once every other week with check in’s on alternate weeks, and together we’ll build your new strategy together. And let me tell you, having the accountability works wonders when it comes to getting into action!

We may discuss some of the follow topics in coaching sessions:

  • Developing a consistent social media strategy

  • Which platforms are best for you?

  • What does “success” look like on social media?

  • How often should you be posting? Are there certain days or times?

  • Understanding algorithms

  • The psychology behind people hitting the “like” or “follow” button

  • Creating fantastic content

  • Finding your future customers - where are they and how do you get their attention

  • How to market yourself without feeling “salesy”

While the other social media packages are custom priced,

this one is a flat fee of $300/month.


Contact Us for an individualized Social Media Quote to meet your needs and budget!