Personal Branding

because you want to turn strangers into loyal clientele.

The world of marketing has changed. Consumers are smarter, and they crave authenticity. They want to know who they are buying from, and who they will be working with. That starts with developing trust with your audience. Whether on social media or through publishing content, you have an opportunity to let your future clients know who you are. With consistent messaging and a strategic aesthetic, you have an opportunity to take up valuable real estate in the minds of strangers.

…you are your brand…


“Take up valuable

real estate in the

minds of strangers”


Personal branding is an incredibly effective marketing tool, but unless you’re considering how your business operates, you’re just creating an art project. While working with Genuine Content, we will help you identify and develop your personal brand through the lens of “what will bring you revenue?” Our entrepreneurial clients walk away from our Personal Branding sessions not only with strong imagery and brand identity, but an idea of how they can make their new brand work for them.


Brand Photography

All of our Personal Branding packages include a brand photography session with our amazing creative team. You’ll spend a full day with us beginning with hair and makeup, and getting dolled up in outfits selected specifically to support your brand. Hate being in front of the camera? Ugh, we get it — we’ve been there, which is why we have developed a two week program to hep get you ready for your photoshoot. Our coaching will help you address anything that is keeping you from feeling your best, and the result will be a magical day of shooting that leaves you believing in yourself like never before.

When we are done with you, you’ll be overflowing with genuine confidence… and you’ll have the photos to prove it.