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About the Company

As a boutique agency, Genuine Content has mastered the art of storytelling by providing marketing services and education to entrepreneurs. We believe that each of our clients has a story that needs to be told; and if told authentically, will engage them with their audience. Through compelling design and strategic communications, we turn our clients’ passive audiences into engaged and satisfied customers.

We believe that the face of business is changing, and we are at the forefront of the Content Marketing wave. Audiences are getting smarter, and efficient conversion takes emotional intelligence and a keen understanding of the human heart and mind. A thriving entrepreneur feeds on collaboration, not competition, and we get a thrill out of teaching our clients how to market a business, value their work, and build their mini-empire. We know these things, because we have done them ourselves.

We are Genuine Content. 



About Karen Happel

Genuine Content’s founder and a New York native, Karen Happel, spent her early career as a casting director in the reality TV world, where she learned how to connect with people from all over the country, draw out their story, and relay that story to network executives. Originally motivated by her passion for the television industry, what Karen found during those years was a love for storytelling and the human condition.

A decade later, Karen began her marketing career in the Behavioral Healthcare field, where she learned that those same casting skills were an asset when it came to using authentic emotion to strengthen marketing campaigns. Having an understanding of what drives people made her design and writing skills an asset to her employers. And later finding her self in a similar position in the Aerospace field, she added technical writing and product marketing to her arsenal.

In 2018, she founded Genuine Content where she finally had the opportunity to blend all of her skills - design, writing, communications, sales, and an enormous capacity for empathy.




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The Genuine Family

While Genuine Content is operated by Karen Happel, her collaborations with other professionals is what makes her a boutique agency. The Genuine Family consists of graphic designers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, fashion stylists, video production companies, social media influencers, printers, and so much more. Karen’s background in the entertainment industry makes her well-connected, allowing her the ability to offer Genuine’s clients a wildly diverse menu of services.

Stay tuned for Genuine Content’s expansion in 2019.