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I’m a storyteller.

People are fascinating. We all have our own unique experiences and thoughts, and things that we are good at. We all laugh, and we cry. We have good days, and rotten ones. And we all deserve to believe in ourselves, and believe in our own special kind of magic. In case you’re wondering … yes, I’m talking about you. And me. And just about every person I’ve encountered in my life. We’re all so great at our own specific things, and yet we all have moments where we doubt ourselves, too. I’ve seen it time and time again, where the amazing people I’m surrounded by have declared that they were going to do something great. They plan. They get excited. Then they sit down to tell the online world. And… blank.

This is why I created Genuine Content, so that I could help people like you tell your stories online in a way that would help you grow a business doing what you love.




About the Company

Genuine Content is what I created to be in your corner on an official basis. It all started with my own web design, writing, and social media skills. But as I continued taking on clients and filling my calendar, things got busy, and I wanted to be able to help more people pursue their dreams. So I teamed up with some extraordinary talent. I expanded my services to offer you valuable expertise from people who excel in their own passions - logo design, photography, social media engagement, and so much more. When you’re working with Genuine Content, I oversee all creative and strategy, and I’m your point of contact; but I also have amazingly creative minds whom I collaborate with to bring your brand to the next level.

When you’re working with Genuine Content, you can trust that the most creative minds are on your side. Each project that I take on with my team is each unique in its own way, because I know exactly who to bring on to each project. You, your business, and your personal brand deserve something remarkable, and that’s what you end up with.

We are Genuine Content. 




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The Boring Bio Part

Genuine Content’s founder and a New York native, Karen Happel, spent her early career as a casting director in the reality TV world, where she learned how to connect with people from all over the country, draw out their story, and relay that story to network executives. Originally motivated by her passion for the television industry, what Karen found during those years was a love for storytelling and human connection.

A decade later, Karen began her marketing career in the Behavioral Healthcare field, where she learned that those same casting skills were an asset when it came to using authentic emotion to strengthen marketing campaigns. Having an understanding of what drives people made her design and writing skills an asset to her employers. And later finding her self in a similar position in the Aerospace field, she added technical writing and product marketing to her arsenal.

In 2018, she founded Genuine Content where she finally had the opportunity to blend all of her skills - design, writing, communications, sales, and an enormous capacity for empathy.